Brexit? (A Blonde girl’s perspective)

“Who the fuck are they”
She ask to me
I can’t reply as im in sudden shock,
From her word Karate
When she enters again
“sounds like a breakfast bar to me”
In which I replied
“it tastes like shit to me”
“does it smell like some kind of sauce?”
She asked
“Yes if you like to breath your exhaust through and oxygen mask”
She said “It sounds like a disagreeable task”
I said “it’s alright, there’s always the wine cask”
it doesn’t take long before she gets confused
Im not surprised when she’s full of booze
Looks like she’ll have to go for a quick snooze
To wake up to the T.V news
Telling me I can’t do this
Telling me I can’t do that
To listen to a resigning Democrat
Looks like I will have to sign up for the next coup d’état
But all this politics is like a circus act
No need for a Diplomat, or Technocrat
Just a Polecat from down the lane
He makes more sense than that corrupt domain
Believe it or not it’s under Germane
At least that will entertain the publics migraine.
Pass us that aspirin my heads going west
Thanks to that Manifesto I can’t go to Budapest
Without wearing a God Damn Bullet proof vest
Anyway I got this off my chest
Now I’ll need some rest
I’ll see you at that inquest