“Paper Bags and plastic rags
Get Me in a crisis with 5p
Ye that’s about right for me
Got no change oh how strange
Well not in this economy
Well Yvonnes got a trolley popping into shop for a Lolly
Cost her 50p she said oh
I just got enough
Until a old hag said that bag is 5p
A common crisis
Never mind Isis
I ain’t got 5p
What in this world Is going on I say!
When a old man turns to Me
and says….
Refugees are the crisis
And I say
no the crisis is that
I’ve not got 5p!
He said don’t look at me Son
And I said what do you expect me to be?
All these fancy flats and glammed up rats are alright
But not me
I ain’t got 5 p!
I’m at the till and I ask Bill Oh can you give it for free
He tells me do one and advises me to get a job
Well at 15 that’s not a option so I ask can I have 50 percent
knocked off
So now I’m skint and walk out the shop with a limp
Oh fuck me
What is this economy”
-Tj harte
Wrote this poem this afternoon
Influenced by John Cooper Clarke