*NEWS* Dr. John Cooper Clarke and Hugh Cornwell to release new album

This Time Its Personal will be released via Sony Music later on this Year.
Which will see Ex Strangler’s legend Hugh Cornwell collaborating with the punk poet pioneer John Cooper Clarke.

I’m Personally Looking forward to this album as both are Geniuses of the music/poetry world

(*And both are Major influences to Me and my work)

– Tj Harte

The Human League- Being Boiled (REVIEW)

I Place on the Human league 1978 debut single- (which I picked up for 30p in a charity shop in Wigan, in which I picked up first actually down to its fascinating cover more than it actually being a band that I like) I place it on my vinyl player and immediately I hear a synthetic sound coming through the scratches of vinyl then as it kicks in I hear a similar riff to visage- fade to grey (in which both these riffs sound too similar to have not been recognised) and a similar beat/percussion sound of Faithless-Insomnia could this record influenced both of those records? Well that is another discussion for another time.

Anyway I would problem say this one of the best human league songs I have heard!
It has a less dark sound that human league usually carries on their records, which comes as quite a sweet change. The overall feelings/style of this piece reminds me off the 80s new romantics movement, which may be down to its similarities with fade to grey but also down to its percussion and use of synths as mentioned this does pre date any of that movement as this record came out in 1978 so it is almost like it is a post-punk record.

On the note of post-punk its lyric content is quite political and punkish but that would make sense as it was around of that time of political lyrics and songs. the lyrics in the song itself combine a protest against silk farming with vague mention of oriental religion in Japan,

Quite obscure huh?

Overall I would rate the record 8/10 down to its futuristic sound (for its time, as mentioned it pre dates the new romantic movement in which the style of the piece is very close too)
And also down to the lyrical content being quite wacky and original

Thank god for the Human League!

TJ Harte

Hello ! Music Lovers

Hello Music Lovers,

My Name is Tj Harte and I Love MUSIC! So much so that I thought I would start a blog of reviews of music, bands that I like, historic music events and also give updates on the development/state of my own band, The Fuel. (I am Lead singer and Guitarist)

As you can probably tell by the blogs name the musical genre I like the most would be Indie, although this is only one of many genres I like. These include;

-60s bands (The Beatles, The Animals, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Kinks, Rolling Stones)
– Blues (Howling Wolf, BB King, Buddy Guy)
– Psychedelic/Garage Bands (13th Floor Elevator, The Sonics, Unrelated Segments)
– Protopunk & Punk bands (The Stooges, Velvet Underground, Mc5, Television, Richard Hell, The Clash)
-Pub Rock/70s blues rock bands (Dr Feelgood, Nick Lowe, The Stranglers, Ian Dury)
-70s Art Rock Bands- (Roxy Music, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed)
-late Indie/Garage rock revival (The Strokes, Jet, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand)
-Northern soul/Motown
-80s/90s Indie (as mentioned)- (The Smiths, Echo and Bunnymen, Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Blur, Pulp, Suede)
-Jazz/Avant Garde
-Funk/Early underground NYC Vibe Hip-Hop (Chic, Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow)

The list goes on but we can talk about all them when you read the blog (hehehehe)

Hope you read my blog and enjoy it,

Tj Harte 🙂